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The Inner Development Goals is a non-profit initiative to bring the power of inner development to all global challenges faced by humanity.

The IDG framework describes the collective inner skills needed to deal with complex global challenges, such as the Sustainable Development Goals. The IDG Toolkit aims to be a library of useful methods and approaches to practice these skills.

This is the public beta version of the IDG Toolkit. It is primarily based on the IDG Phase 2 Research Report, and research from 29k. We invite you to both help improve and expand this open source toolkit, and join the growing worldwide IDG community coming together to work on inner development for sustainable development.

Open source

This is an open source library of tools that both people and organisations can use to develop the skills outlined by the IDG framework. Here you can find methods, workshops and resources relevant to the skills you want to practice.

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The IDG toolkit is created by and for the community. You are welcome to suggest improvements, new tools or even design and develop the app. Read the principles of tools, and how to join the co-creation.

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With more than 100 IDG Hubs, these tools are used by an emerging network eager to participate, explore and co-create. Join local events, connect with the global community and learn together.

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Created by and for the community

We’re a non-profit, open source community, always learning and improving this library, together. And with your help, we can make the IDG Toolkit even better!

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The IDG Toolkit uses two licenses: CC-BY-SA-4.0 for content (except images), and AGPL-3.0 for software. Learn more on GitHub