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Welcome to the Inner Development Goals Toolkit!

This is an emerging library of tools to explore the Inner Development Goals (IDGs) in practice, and help people and organizations accelerate progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This is the public beta version of the IDG Toolkit. It is primarily based on the IDG Phase 2 Research Report, and research from 29k. Please share your feedback and suggest new tools.

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Theory U for Group Work and Prototyping

Facilitated Method

Theory U, also known as ‘Presencing’, offers a framework for collaboration and engagement using awareness-based and contemplative practices.It can help groups sense more deeply into team dynamics, and organizations engage in purposeful planning, prototyping of projects and initiatives, and acting…

Presence Connectedness Optimism Creativity +8

Compassion Training

Facilitated Method Self-directed

Compassion training can help build empathy and compassion, described as an ability to relate to others, oneself and nature with kindness and the intention to address related suffering. It can help the practitioner increase their well-being and have a higher quality of relations, as well improve…

Empathy and Compassion Appreciation Connectedness Humility +9

Purposeful Leadership

Course Free Non-profit

A course tested by Paralympic coaches and space station personnel, designed to help you grow in your ability to lead in all areas of your life thanks to engaging exercises and daily quests.

Inner compass Integrity and Authenticity Long-term orientation and Visioning Empathy and Compassion +11


Course Free Non-profit

In our everyday life, we easily lose touch with what matters to us. This is especially true when we’re dealing with a challenging situation. This course is focused on connecting to our core values as a powerful tool to take meaningful action in every moment of our lives.

Inner compass Self-awareness Integrity and Authenticity Sense-making +9

Personal Agency and Personal Initiative Trainings

Facilitated Method

Personal agency and personal initiative training are interventions designed to catalyze actions towards specific life goals. It can help participants take meaningful action towards their goals, create resilient, proactive habits, and increase livelihoods of individuals living in resource poor…

Perseverance Integrity and Authenticity Courage Optimism +8

ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/Training)

Facilitated Method Self-directed

Acceptance commitment therapy / training (ACT) is a psychotherapeutic intervention that mediates improvements in individuals’ psychological flexibility. It can help the practitioner increase psychological flexibility and have a more stable identity and sense of self.

Inner compass Self-awareness Presence Perspective skills +8

Imagination Activism and the Symbiosis Meditation

Exercise Self-directed

Imagination activism is a new kind of activism that pairs imagination exercises with calls to action in community to enact the better world we envision. It can help the practitioner create connections to the Earth and nature, explore future world possibilities, and inspire hope that fuels their…

Appreciation Connectedness Inner compass Empathy and Compassion +7

Self Compassion

Course Free Non-profit

This course helps build your self compassion so you can enjoy life without being ruled by fear and self doubt. You will learn how to identify when you are overly critical of yourself, understand why you do it and how it affects you.

Empathy and Compassion Self-awareness Presence Integrity and Authenticity +9

Methods for Scaffolding Collaboration on Complex Issues

Facilitated Method

Structured methods for facilitating collaboration on complex issues can scaffold productive collaboration and overcome interest conflicts among diverse stakeholders. It can help the practitioner facilitate collaboration and problem-solving on a specific issue, as well as long term openness to…

Co-creation skills Inclusive mindset and intercultural competence Creativity Complexity awareness +6

Arts, Creativity and Imagination

Facilitated Method Self-directed

Multi-disciplinary arts practices are used in many sectors to liberate people from normative identities and structures. Creative practice can help people increase their health and well-being, as well as enhance their empathy and compassion, empowering them to care more for others.

Creativity Courage Perseverance Openness and Learning mindset +6


Exercise Self-directed

WOOP is short for wish, objectives, obstacles and plans and is a simple and research-based method for setting goals with something you want to achieve or experience. It can help participants increase the probability that they will actually be able to achieve the goal that they set for themselves.

Optimism Courage Perseverance Creativity +6

Listening to Pause

Method Self-directed

Pausing on what we just heard is an inner skill that enables connecting to “what the person just said” and “how those words landed on oneself”. It can help the practitioner act from a more conscious state of being.

Appreciation Connectedness Presence Communication skills +6

Psychological Safety

Facilitated Method Self-directed

Psychological safety refers to the experience of being able to be oneself in a group without fear of being rejected or ridiculed by other group members. It can help teams increase performance, increase learning, and have higher work satisfaction.

Trust Communication skills Co-creation skills Mobilization skills +5

Training in Intercultural Competence

Facilitated Method

Training in intercultural competence can include earning about common dimensions of cultural differences in endeavors involving participants with different cultural backgrounds. It can help the practitioner reduce the risk of misunderstandings, frictions and outright conflict.

Inclusive mindset and intercultural competence Co-creation skills Trust Mobilization skills +5

Meet Yourself at 90

Exercise Self-directed

Meet Yourself at 90 is a guided exercise that helps you be present with your hopes, dreams, priorities, and values by envisioning yourself at your 90 year old birthday party. It can help the practitioner increase awareness of what is important to you, and identify if there are things you’d like to…

Inner compass Self-awareness Long-term orientation and Visioning Presence +5

The Shield

Exercise Facilitated

The shield is an exercise for three or more participants that takes 30 min to 4 hours to do. It’s main purpose is to get the participants to talk about and share about themselves. It can help groups connect, get to know each other, and create a climate of trust.

Trust Inclusive mindset and intercultural competence Connectedness Appreciation +5

Nature Quest

Facilitated Method Self-directed

Connections with nature have the potential to leverage deep societal change toward respect and care for our environment. It can help the practitioner recognize that we do not exist independently and that our sense of self includes nature, fostering pro-environmental behavior.

Appreciation Connectedness Empathy and Compassion Presence +4

Nonviolent Communication

Method Self-directed

Nonviolent communication (NVC) aims at going beyond what people are saying and doing to make explicit people’s internal feelings and needs. It can help the practitioner open a room for shared understanding, discover needs that they were unaware of, and facilitate a solution in line with everyone’s…

Communication skills Co-creation skills Presence Self-awareness +4

Personal Growth through a Polarity Lens

Exercise Self-directed

The Polarity Map organizes wisdom around your Greater Purpose Statement and your Deeper Fear. It can help the practitioner to identify and manage seemingly unsolvable or paradoxical problems.

Complexity awareness Sense-making Perspective skills Self-awareness +3

ALIVE: Daily Quests – Pilot

Course Free Non-profit

This is a pilot testing of the application of a new psychological model called ALIVE. The acronym ALIVE stands for Actively Living and Interconnecting Vitally in one’s Embedded-world, which essentially means to engage in doing what’s important to you, connect with others and have a sense of…

Presence Self-awareness Openness and Learning mindset Perspective skills +4

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