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Roadmap for the IDG Toolkit

Here you can follow our progress, and see what we're considering for the future. Please keep in mind this is a community-driven project with limited resources, so if you want something in this roadmap to happen - you're warmly welcome to join the co-creation. Thank you! :)

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1. What we're working on

Support for translations and localization

This will make it possible to translate and localise the IDG framework and the IDG Toolkit into multiple languages and locales.

Principles and Governance for the IDG Toolkit

This is important because we want to make it easier to contribute, and have a transparent co-creation process.

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2. Up next

Improved contributor guide

We want to make it easier to get started contribute with content, design and code.

Search widget to find tools

This would help people find the content they want faster.

Better UX for people new to the IDG framework

The first version of the IDG Toolkit is primarily created for people who already know about the IDGs. We want to make it easy to use the IDG Toolkit even without prior knowledge.

Self assessment that recommends tools

This would make it easier to know where to get started, which IDG dimensions and skills to focus on - and which IDG tools to start with.

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Created by and for the community

We’re a non-profit, open source community, always learning and improving this library, together. And with your help, we can make the IDG Toolkit even better!

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The IDG Toolkit uses two licenses: CC-BY-SA-4.0 for content (except images), and AGPL-3.0 for software. Learn more on GitHub